Reading and Reprography Facilities

The library provides reading and reprography facilities to its users.

Reading Facility

For reading and referring print documents

The library has a Light Reading Area near the newspaper and periodical section and General Reading Area near the book racks to refer  books, prepare notes, etc.

For reading and referring electronic and digital documents

The libraries have OPAC terminals where their users can access online and offline databases, library databases and request for headphones for viewing digital documents. The Wi-Fi facility make it easier to access and refer the electronic and digitised resources via laptops.

Reprography Facility

For library resources, the University Libraries provide photocopy and scanning facility to the users.

Photocopy Facility

Photocopying is a paid service offered by the library to the users. Reference materials, like periodicals, reference books, and bound volumes, etc. can be copied and used by the students/users.

Scanning Facility

Scanning facility is available in the library and can be used to scan library documents in reference area like reference books, periodicals, bound volumes, etc. This is an unpaid service but is available on request.