Institutional Membership

We have a lot of institutional memberships for our users to serve their specific needs through resource sharing.

Indian Geo-technical Society (IGS)

Indian Geotechnical Society (IGS) was established in 1948 with its headquarter in Delhi. It is affiliated to the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE). It has more than 20 chapters in various parts of the country, each chapter has a few hundred chapter members. IGS – Ahmedabad Chapter is one of such chapters working under IGS National Body, New Delhi.

Indian Society of Earthquake Technology (ISET)

The main purpose of ISET is:

  • To promote research, development and awareness work in the field of Earthquake Technology.
  • To provide a necessary forum for scientists and engineers of various specialisation to come together and exchange ideas on the problems of Earthquake Technology.
  • To disseminate knowledge in the field of Earthquake Technology dealing with scientific and engineering aspects.
  • To honour pioneering & meritorious contributions in the field of Earthquake Technology.

It publishes the ISET Journal of Earthquake Technology and a quarterly newsletter. It has also published a number of books that further its aims and objectives. In particular, the Society has published a catalogue of Earthquakes in India and its Neighborhood and a Manual of Earthquake Resistant Non-Engineered Construction.

Institute of Engineers Calcutta (IE)

The Institution of Engineers (India) is the largest multi-disciplinary engineering professional society established to promote and advance the science, practice and business of engineering. The exhaustive publication scheme of the Institution is designed in several disciplines and in new areas with an aim to promote a viable technological environment. The Journal is now published in 15 parts, one for each division (Aerospace, Agricultural, Architectural, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Electronics and Telecom, Environmental, Marine, Mechanical, Metallurgical, Mining, Production and Textile). In addition to these divisional parts and the Hindi section of the Journal, there is Technicians’ Journal and Students’ Newsletter. The Institution also publishes two multi-coloured publications, namely, ‘IEI News’ and ‘Technorama’ as a monthly and a tri-annual publication, respectively.

We receive all parts of journal and other publications every year giving the latest knowledge as applicable to 15 Engineering Disciplines.

Following are the benefits of the membership:

  • Members are entitled to get at least two publications free of cost every year. (We received 2 books from INSDAG this year)
  • Additional copies of publications are available on discount.
  • Members can participate in Training Programmes / Seminars at a discounted fee.
  • If members would like to organize a program for their people, INSDAG is happy to organize it on a No-loss-no-profit basis.
  • Members are entitled to get free “Advisory Services” on technical questions.
  • Expert members are invited to be faculty for different programmes organized by INSDAG.
  • Members are invited to participate in our consultancy services or any other type of study.
  • Any other activity with members is carried out on specific terms & Conditions.

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Contact details:

Dr. A. K. Samanta

Phone: +91 8420262121

Email: &


MANLIBNET (Management Libraries Network)

MANLIBNET provides a common forum to develop understanding and co-operation particularly among management and business libraries and the librarians. Management Libraries Network (MANLIBNET) is a movement for sharing of resources and information among the libraries by fostering a spirit of cooperation and weaving them together in a networking arrangement.

Vikram Sarabhai Library – Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

General Guidelines for use by Nirma Faculty
• Library user will be issued a card for 31 days.
• User will be supposed to return the card on time.

Rules and regulations of IIM-A Library
• There are four borrower cards.
• One card will be issued per user at a time.
• One book is available per borrower card for 30 days.


Architecture Library has taken up an Institutional Membership of CEPT University Library, Ahmedabad. CEPT library houses more than 46,000 resources which include books, bound volumes of journals, theses, students’ reports etc. The library collection covers subjects like Architecture, Art, History and Civilization, Urban design, Landscape design, Interior design, Furniture design, Graphics, Textile design, Computer-aided design, Building Science, Structural design, Earthquake Engineering, Construction planning and management, Urban and regional planning, Housing, Environmental planning, Transportation, Remote sensing, GIS, Economics, Sociology, Economic planning etc. More than 150 national and international periodicals are subscribed to keep the users updated with the trends in the field. CEPT library has a unique collection of drawings, prepared by students during their academic programs. More than 4500 drawings are available in the library. This collection attracts many national and international visitors.

An institutional member will get 5 Library Identity Cards on which he/she can borrow 3 books. For that, they have to issue a library card at the circulation counter of Architecture Library.

The International Association of Law Schools is a private, non-political, non-profit, volunteer and collaborative.

  • Member institution can apply for an ASLI fellowship up to 2 months at the NUS law school discount SGD 100 on the negotiated conference.
  • Receive copies of the Asian Journal of Comparative Law (2 issues annually).

The Indian Law Institute is an International Centre for advanced socio-legal research and has done significant work in the field of legal research, education and training.

The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) is a non-profit consortium of law schools, law libraries and related organisations.


  • CALI Author: It is a Software that powers CALI lessons.
  • CALI Lessons: It is an interactive tutorial.
  • Classcaster: It is blogging, podcasting and website creation tool.

The Indian Society of International Law (ISIL) is a premier national institution for teaching, research and promotion of international law.


  • Each corporate member is entitled with Associate Membership of the society.
  • A Corporate life member is entitled to Life membership of the society.

The CLEA fosters and promotes high standards of legal education in the Commonwealth.


  • Member Institute can get the benefit for open access peer reviewed journal and newsletters as well as learning and teaching resources.

As a non-profit association of students and lawyers who are dedicated to the promotion of international law.

Member institute can access delegate papers, minutes, reports of the previous conference on the website, receiving IALS newsletter containing articles of Interest, International gathering of leading legal educators, opportunity to collaborate with other schools and faculty.