For Visually Challenged Users Facility

Information about Visually Challenged Users

Technology Library and Management-Commerce Library has added special facilities for the visually challenged users to assist them in accessing library resources.

The facilities include the KIBO XS -reading scanner.

Kibo XS is read printed text across multiple Indian Languages in real-time through natural sounding voices. Kibo connect via Mobile App or Kibo web and experience immersive learning. It scans your document and instantly translate text to over 100+ languages. It also scans batch files, digitize, save/copy/share. Capture and Read option help you capture photo and reads the document via audio across multiple languages.

Kibo-XS have been installed on Technology Library and Management-Commerce Library on the circulation desk at near to entrance in the both library. Users can make use of the same and in case of any assistance, please contact the library staff.